Epidemiology & Public Health Research Consultation
We provide consulting services to Public Health, Epidemiological and Clinical Researchers in India. Under this program we partner with the individual and/or the organization to: 
  • Design an Epidemiological Study
  • Conduct the Study to gather primary data, as needed
  • Manage the data using our Healthinformatics platforms (SHERP)
  • Conduct data cleaning and analysis
  • Provide epidemiological, biostatistical and software skill-sets for the researchers to generate valid data, manage it and analyze itm
A sample of our team member's Research Publications.
Currently the on-going research projects undertaken in collaboration with Hospitals and NGOs are:
  • Case Control Study on Parkinson, Hypothyroidism, Wheezy Bronchitis and Stroke in rural area of West Bengal, India.
  • Cohort study to measure the burden of chronic diseasess and their correlates in rural West Bengal
  • Cohort study to measure the burden of chronic diseases and the associated risk factors in semi-urban and urban West Bengal
  • Cohort study to measure the burden of certain NCDs & identification of gaps in Kolkata using data collected from Hospitals
  • East Kolkata Slum KAP Project to measure the gap between Knowledge and Practice in the Sanitation & Hygiene of the Slum Dwellers
  • Cohort study to understand the gaps in Maternity Care, Neonatal Care and Immunization programs in India
We have the only exclusive Rural Cohort Study in India in which we have extended our service in the following unique, innovative approach
  • Established efficient & effective door to door regular data collection, follow up & data management using SHERP, our flagship product for Public Health Research.
  • Providing clinical training and arranging for hand-on training to the non-qualified practitioners, who are the life-line and an integral part of Healthcare delivery system. 
  • The clinical training is followed by our continuous support using our tele-medicine platform ArogyaUDHC. This ensures that we can reach to the full population in the cohort and also can ensure timely intervention for individual patient as well as any outbreak of disease.
SHERP (Pronounced: SHARP) Platform
Software-As-A-Service(SaaS) based Health And Epidemiological Research Platform is a self-administered, audio-enabled, health-interview mobile app integrated with a secured public-health research system in our secured data center in the cloud/internet.The communication between mobile application and the data center will be fully encrypted without storing any identification information in mobile devices, hence confidentiality and anonymity of the data will be ensured. Use of pre-recorded, configured questionnaire and color-coded answer keys will be more convincing to the participant regarding the confidentiality of the provided information and thus will ensure less vulnerability of the data to bias due to social desirability. This in turn will increase the accuracy and validity of the collected information regarding health-related sensitive personal aspects. Epidemiological methodologies and Statistical tools will be used for data analysis and communication. 

Please email us at contactus@missionarogya.org or call us at 8017206285 for further details.