Population Health Data for Research 

  • India being a vast country with varied demographics, it is very hard to collect health data
  • Financially and Logistically prohibitive to collect data from every individuals in a large population
  • As such, often a target population is chosen which may introduce bias
  • Due to socio-cultural issues data collected via traditional health surveys are often inaccurate 

Utilize data from practices as evidence.

  • It will be representative
  • It will be as accurate as possible
  • It will give a true picture of the medical/health conditions, leading to proper utilization of medical research and clinical resources
Introduction to ArogyaNet
  • An Health-Informatics framework on top of core Electronic Medical Record (EMR) & Personal Health Record (PHR) to achieve “Continuity of Care” for individuals integrated with “Generating Evidences from Practice”
  • ArogyaNet is introduced as an comprehensive, integrated, easy to use, scalable, robust yet flexible Health Informatics Solution and Information Management Platform customized for the complex Indian HealthCare sector which is the first attempt to create a complete Health Informatics solution and platform that can be deployed onsite or cloud for Indian Health Domain.
  • Integration with Public Medical Knowledge repositories, e.g.: British Medical Journal (BMJ), Maternal Concept lab ( Only possible, if the knowledge repository is open for integration). Any integration will be done using open data standard (HL7, CCR, CCD etc)

ArogyaNet Implementation
A four phase iterative gated plan

Step 1: Solution Definition Workshop
§  Define domains with high level “User Stories”. (e.g.: Research Questions)
§  Create HMIS Domain Matrix. (e.g.: Corresponding Domains)
Step 2: Process Detailed requirement by each domain
§  Develop the Data Model
§  Decide Clinical/Program/Business process and workflow, including personnel with skill set
§  Integration considerations, if any
§  Create Requirement matrix

§  Design and Architecture of the platform on top of core EMR
§  Configuration of the development environment
§  Customization and enhancements
§  Integration using open-standards, if any

§  Define a research question, target population, time frame
§  Execute a well defined pilot project

¡  Depends on all the earlier three phase:
¡  Modeling phase will decide the workflow
¡  Development will be done based on the Modeling

¡  The issues will be ironed out during Pilot

The platform may consists of following modules:
  • Electronic & Mobile Medical Record (EMR)
  • Practice Management System (PMS)
  • Hospital Information System (HIS)
  • Clinical Decision Support System (CDS) 
  • Data Warehouse (DW) for Epidemiological Research.
  • Personal Health Record (PHR) portal & Electronic Health Card
For current project and case studies please contact us at contactus@missionarogya.org

HealthInformatics Consulting and Training
Provide consulting for streamlining Clinical Work-Flow followed by HealthInformatics platform implementation, development, customization and support. We are committed towards the FOSS movement and as such, we endorse and support all the open-source Health Informatics platforms. 
The primary open-source EMR software that we currently support are 
Aside these EMR platforms we also support other FOSS HelathCare solutions such as:
  • OpenERP (For generic Enterprise Resource Planning in Hospitals) 
  • DHIS2 (For aggregate health data, national health program monitoring)
  • iHRIS (For health workforce management) 
  • OpenELIS (For Laboratory Information management)
We are also providing training to the local universities and colleges to build awareness on FOSS in Healthcare and create local expertise in these technologies.