Are you A?

  • A Doctor or a Medical Student interested in Research
  • A Public Health Researcher
  • A Clinical Researcher
  • Interested in having expertise in 
    • Research methodology
    • Bio-statistics
    • Statistical data management

Mission Arogya Health and Information Technology Research Foundation in collaboration with R3G Foundation Inc., a US based research organization, have launched a Clinical and Public Health Research Methodology and Data Management Training Course.

Aim: To enable clinical/public health researchers to deal with Research Methodology and Bio-statistical approach towards clinical/public health data

Goal: To provide guidance on 
  • Conducting research using proper research methodologies
  • Epidemiological methods
  • Statistical data analysis 
  • Writing and Understanding well composed articles
  • Training on statistical tools & their use
  • Information Management for Health Research projects

The faculties for the courses are epidemiologists from School of Public Health of University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). Other Faculties from UCLA and Public Health Foundation of India will also be involved in different capacities.

Delivery Mechanism:
1. For Individuals : Classroom and Distant Learning
2. For Institutions & Organizations : Workshops in the Institute, Classroom and Distant Learning

Currently the course consists of following tracks:
  • Track 1:  Basics of  public health and clinical Research +  Introduction to Health Informatics / Health Information Management (Optional)
  • Track 2: Track 1 & Application of Epidemiology in research 
  • Track 3: Track 1 & Application of Bio-Statistics in research
  • Track 4: Track 1, 2 & 3 + A project (optional)
  • Track 5: Track 1 and SAS Data Management & Analysis
  • Track 6: Track 4 & 5 + A Project (optional)
All these tracks are can be customized according to the requirement of interested person & institution. 

Please email us at contactus@missionarogya.org or call us at 8017206285 for further details.