"It is my aspiration that health finally will be seen not as a blessing to be wished for, but as a human right to be fought for." —United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan

"Money is easy, Doing the right thing is difficult"
Let's get to do the right thing first..Please Get Involved

Who are we?
We are a group of Social Entrepreneurs who believes in applying proven business and market strategies to solve inequitable social problems, such as Healthcare, Education, Nutrition etc.
We are believer in "reverse innovation" concept and believe that low-cost, low-resource setting devices, products , processes, services developed for LMICs will enable universal health care by taking it to the underserved in the developed countries.
We are a believer in "social innovation" where the innovations are used to bring equality in in-equal social issue, such as Healthcare, Education etc. Our current focus area is Healthcare.
Finally, we are a believer in "social entrepreneurship", that is while a business model, need not to be all about profit, a purely donor funded non-profit model also cannot sustain the work. The social innovation should be such that it is used for public good but it will also generate appropriate revenue to continue the innovation cycle of the organization as well as sustain and scale.
Our goal is to have a direct impact in social problems, specifically healthcare, so that we can leave a small footprint towards creating a just, sustainable, safe and all inclusive world.

Why Healthcare?
We recognize that Healthcare is one of the most neglected areas in India. While the annual Military budget is 18.6% of the total Indian budget, the healthcare budget is a paltry 3.4%. The Indian healthcare budget is one of the lowest among developing countries. (source: http://visualeconomics.creditloan.com/how-countries-spend-their-money/). Private organizations have tried to bridge that gap, but a Return-On-Investment business model has only increased the inequality in the HealthCare System.On the other hand, Private non-profit NGOs did splendid job in pockets of India, but most of these efforts are lacking in the following aspects – 1. Very localized and cannot be scaled across India, 2. Often implements a parallel healthcare system, thus competing with existing local healthcare delivery system and changing public healthcare behavior and 3. Being mostly donor (grant) funded, cannot sustain after a certain period of time, thus creating a void in the local healthcare after the grant period.
We agree that, government should do more, but government cannot do all alone. A collaborative business model is the need-of-the-hour between government and socially motivated private organizations.

Mission & Vision Statement
We, the Mission Arogya team, will thrive to be a socially motivated organization which will operate as a non-profit, social enterprise to strengthen and enhance the existing Healthcare delivery system in Low and Middle Income Countries (LMICs), starting with urban and rural India to enable all citizens to take control of their health, irrespective of their economic and social status.

We will provide HealthCare toolsets & services, ably supported by the 3 Ps – People, Products and Processes, to address the 5 Ps of Public Health
1) Prevention (individual and community-focused)
2) Promotion (voluntary, education, advocacy)
3) Protection (policies/regulations; enforcement)
4) Population-based (communities, groups)
5) Preparedness (e.g., bioterrorism, natural disasters, pandemics)

Our tool-sets and services will be inclusive and will be designed for
a. All local Healthcare delivery providers from individual physicians(qualified and non-qualified), emergency responder, community health clinics, government primary, secondary and tertiary health centers to large multi-specialty hospitals.
b. All individuals, irrespective of social and economic status, to increase healthcare awareness and reduce disparity in Public Health enabling India to move towards an equitable Universal-Health-Care(UHC) system, which is abundant, safe and inclusive

Our ultimate goal is
1) To enable citizens to take control of their health, irrespective of their economic and social status thereby increasing life expectancy and proactively minimizing epidemics and outbreak of diseases
2) To increase healthcare awareness and reduce disparity in Public Health in developing countries so that we can move towards an equitable Universal-Health-Care (UHC) system, which is abundant, safe and inclusive

A list of our current HealthCare toolsets & services:

2. ArogyaUDHC: Medical learning and collaboration platform for "User Driven HealthCare".  Currently getting implemented in Rural India 

3. iSaveAGirl: A Social Networking Platform to stop female fetocide in urban India

Interested persons are being requested to email us at contactus@missionarogya.org or call us at 8017206285 for further details.